website Banner management

- Create a master library of banners/images

- UI to manage the banners (add/edit/delete) by him and all users.

- Banner can be type of image (.jpg, .gif, .png), flash, .js OR html code.

- If banner image is more than 940 x 150(width x height), it should resize it while maintaining the ratio so that image should not be distorted.


- User can view the library.

- Users can also add their own banners same like Admin.

- Only banners added by Admin and the logged in user will be visible for user. They cannot see any banner added by other users.

- There will be rich text control with “Select Banner” button on the page. When user clicks on the button, it will pop up library in preview mode, with radio button against each and “Select Banner” button at bottom.

- Finally on “Save”, if it’s an image/flash, then image/flash file will be copied to user folder (e.g. “mike/images/”) and based on user type code will be copied to text box with relevant path of image/flash. If it’s a JavaScript or html, then coping image is not required.


- The banners will be displayed in Grid format. Already selected banner will be highlighted.

- There will be paging in the page, so that all banners will not be listed at a time. Only 20 banners at a time on the page and paging on top and bottom.

- There will be only one banner at a time in the page. If user selects another banner again, then the previous code will be replaced by the new banner code.

- User will select a banner by clicking on the radio button and finally clicking on “Select Banner” button.


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