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My company has worked with joomla pages in the past, so we know what work goes into it. Our price we believe is fair.

This must be completed in no more then 6 days.

Anyway I have a joomla template that will need to be installed, modified and changed to look similar to temp agency except there will be no job listings. There will 2 logins. One for the potential employee. They basically will just fill information about their skill level, experience, attach a resume, etc.

The other login will be for employers. This will allow employers to search through employees based on different criteria. Such as skill level, location, etc.

For the template right now the following will need to be changed.

Get rid of the poll section

Get rid of Who's online

get rid of the main menu

On the other side where it has Login form, change that to consultant loggin form.

Where it reads popular put in a form that reads employer login

Leave the home tab and contact us at the top of the page. You can keep the other tabs blank if you want.

Where U way corporation is put Clear Connection Consulting

On the left side of Clear connection consulting I want to put 2 c's connecting on C at the bottom. I can fax that to you if you want me to.

- In the backend of the website I am going to need to be able to turn the rate on to some employers after I can verify them.

Below is how the main page should read like. The text should start at the main menu and go over to the boxes where people log into.

Like this:

Need IT Specialists?

Save Time Save Money Do It Right

Clear Connection Consulting is an independent technology consulting firm dedicated to providing your company the best possible consultant to fit your needs at the fairest price. We have over 30 years of on-the-job expertise in IT consulting. We cater to all sizes of businesses, from the small business entrepreneur to Fortune 500 companies.

This unique website is a tool for both employers and job seekers. Employers can save money and time searching resumes under their own criteria. Job seekers should have the confidence that the employers are looking for specific job sets in the now time frame. All of this comes to you at no charge.

Once a connection looks promising, please contact us and let us know which IT specialist you might be interested. We take everything from there. We do all the paperwork and will set up interviews so that more details can be discussed and discovered. We will negotiate the contract corp to corp at a fair price for both the consultant and employer.

Let us help you with your needs. Register now.

What I want in the website:

I need 2 logins: 1 for the employers to login and one for the employees to log in

Employer login: They will be asked if they are an individual, company, or consulting company. This is important information that I need to know





Once the employer is login he'll be able to see resumes by skill set, so there will have to be a line in which the employer will be able to put down the skills that they are looking for. I believe that there should be more than one line for skill set looking for possibly 5-6 lines for this. The employer will never know what the employee is getting but instead he will get the final rate of the consultant. I will get to that later on. The employer will never see the last name of the employee, they will only be able to see the first name. If there are more than one Scott for instance it probably should read Scott M. Bronx, New York. That broken down would be Scott (first name) M. (idle initial) Bronx (city) New York (state. There should also be some way that the employer could save a couple of people that they are looking for to view later. Once they select one of the consultants and state that they want to continue the computer should tell the employer to us. I may change the name and such but you get the jest.

Employee login





Once they are login and have a screen name and password, they will be able to download there resume onto the sight. I believe it would look good to ask each consultant for their skill set and how many years they have done such a skill set. Each consultant is going to be asked there minimum amount they want to pay the employee. Now that amount will not show up on the employer sight, they will see the formula of the consultants rate +15(.1)= employers rate that posts on their side of the website. Also another question that needs to be asked do they want to telecommute or be onsite or both? How many hours per week do they want to work? What is there legal status US citizen, H1B status, or greencard. What market do they want to work, what city? My primary goal is to focus in on Chicago, but that might change and I can place anywhere. Also the date that the resume is posted should be posted. The consultants should have a way to mark their status as available or unavailable

I know for the employer to search for keywords there is a technology in which it can search a document altogether to find that as a keyword. I would prefer the resumes to be searched like this other than the other way by keywords because sometimes people don't put everything into the keywords of the resume, but it's scattered throughout the resume.

Here is what I thought the resume format should look like for the employer

First Name

Skill Set Years

.Net 3

Objective - This could be a word doc that is cut and pasted in a recognized area

Employment History


From _____To:__________

Description This could be a word doc that is cut and pasted in a recognized area

Education Batchelors Masters


We will have to ask how many employers they had in order to get the spacing right on the resume section. My other thought is to have them fill in the skill set and name then after that have them upload there resume in PDF form or word form. This would get the resumes a little bit uneven but that really shouldn't matter. Also when it comes to phone ,e-mail, address and full name we can get that from the registration form.

Clear Connection Consulting

There should be a log in Consultants section and a log in Employer Section at the top right of the page. There should be a register button under that once that comes up there should be a choice either consultant or employer. There should be a log out button underneath of that

Once an employer or consultant hit the button to register the computer will take them to a place in which they will be able to put all there information. Once that is done the employer will be taken to a page in which they can search for consultants and the consultants will be taken to a page in which they'll be able to put there resume together and be asked those questions that I stated earlier about the rate etc.

After the employer or consultant registers we should check their identity by sending them an e-mail in which they have to log into their e-mail to confirm their identity.

lot and looking forward to working with you..

For the about us page is will look like this:

Clear Connection Consulting is an independent technology consulting firm that is dedicated to providing your company the best service possible at the fairest prices. We have over 30 years of on-the-job experience with expertise in IT consulting. We cater to all sizes of businesses, from the small business entrepreneur to Fortune 500 companies.

We have set up a website for both Employers and job seekers alike. Job seekers don't have to spend excessive amount of money to see resumes that may or may not pan out. Job seekers should have the confidence that the employers that looking at their resume are looking for people right away and know you job skills on the spot. For Job seekers, you don't have to spend money posting numerous job posting with no results. For job seekers if you don't find a person that you want you don't have to PAY.

If you find a consultant that you want all you have to do is contact us and tell us that you are interested in a particular person. We take care of everything from there. We do all the paperwork and will set up interviews for your company to meet the consultant to make sure that he/she is a good match for your company. We also take all the guesswork out of fees and everything like that. Next to the consultants name on the main website you will find the actual billing rate for that consultant. How great is that!! Clear Connection Consulting does all contracts corp. to corp. Clear Connection Consulting represents these consultants.

The best reason to use Clear Connection Consulting is for the fact that we are fair. We do not overcharge for our consultants. You will always be able to get in touch with a live person when a problem exists. Our consultants are highly skilled for any job.

The logo will also have to be changed, but we will give you the logo. You'll just insert it.

The resume will just be an attachment, it will just be an extra thing for employers to look at. The emploYEE will really be filling out the information (most of which is on the resume) by hand, well by typing it in.

So for instance it will say list your skills, amount of years with this skill, and you level knowledge with this skill. So they may type in

XML 2 Years Begginner

PHP 10 Years Expert

ASP 4 Years Intermediate

The point is that when the EmploYER is searching through the candidates he may want to look for keywords (xml, php, and asp). This person would come up because they relate to these keywords.

The number one search criteria for employers should be city or zip code and how far away from this location they are loooking for employees.

So for example they should type in the zip code of where they are looking for employess and how far away they want to look.

So say they want people for work in Chantilly, VA zip code 20151. They would type in zip code 20151 and then enter the maximum radius they will look for potential clients.

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