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1. Provide real-time feeds to mobile devices (stats, news, updates, schedules, etc…)

2. Provide directory of scouts. Information collected via form and searchable/viewable to all.

a. Name, Organization, Phone, Email, Web, City, State, Zip Code, Country

b. Login and update information

3. Online shopping network

4. Navigation Bar (updateable by admin)

5. Boardroom Tools / Information (whiteboard, IM, poke, invite/share info)

6. Invite people / teams to share (via poking or send general email)

7. Provide a team directory of team information

a. Account Set-up and Login (Username and Password)

b. Team Match-Up (look and invite other teams)

c. Form to add team information (See Form A-E)

General Team Info Form (with option to share info w/ community)

1. Logo

2. Name Affiliation / Organization

3. Address Affiliation / Organization

4. Email Affiliation / Organization (Sign via google or yahoo)

5. Type of Team (Sports – Basketball, Football, etc…)

6. Level (Professional, College, etc….)

7. Team Description

8. Overall Stats (#Won #Loses, Year)

9. City, State, Country

10. Favorite After Party Place

11. Link to this page

12. Blog this page

Management Team (up to 7)

1. First and Last Name Coach (up to 3)

2. First and Last Name Asst Coach (up to 4)

3. Names Team Moms/Help/Staff (up to 5)

4. Upload Picture Coach(s) --- up to 3

5. Upload Picture Asst Coach(s) -- up to 4

6. Upload Picture of Teams ---- (up to 4)

7. Upload Picture of Staff ---- (up to 2)

Players (up to 20, Plan A; up to 40, Plan B)

1. First and Last Name

2. Stat #1 (specify or choose from options)

3. Stat #2 (specify or choose from options)

4. Player #

5. Position

6. Back-up Position

7. Rookie (Yes/No)

8. Height

9. Weight

10. Highlights

11. Star Game (specify from game schedule)

12. Upload Picture (1)

Support Staff (up to 10, Plan A; up to 20, Plan B)

13. First and Last Name

14. Stat #1 (specify or choose from options)

15. Stat #2 (specify or choose from options)

16. Position

17. Upload Picture (1)

Game Plan / Schedule (plan, view and invite)

1. Date

2. Time / Time Zone

3. Location Field/Stadium

4. Location City / State

5. Special Instructions

6. On Schedule/ Cancel

7. Score (Team – Opponent)

8. Ticket Information (Free, Cost)

9. Opponent (Team)

Budget Information

1. Payable Team (Names, Amount, Purpose)

2. Receivable to Team (Names, Amount, Purpose)

d. Categorize and display information

e. Sponsor this Site-Team Option (Yes/No)

f. Team Highlights (Gallery --Videos, Pictures, Files, Music)

1. Team Video Gallery – Up to 2 Videos

2. Team Picture Gallery – Up to 20 Pictures

3. Team Files Gallery – Up to 30 Files

4. Ongoing News Feed Clips Information (up to 3) - via phone/web

5. Injury Report (player, description, date)

8. Admin Functions

a. Update all web forms\fields

b. View and update information in all database add/remove members; change and update plan information

c. Account information

d. Subscription to site (Basic, Plan A, Plan B) that will provide details and cost information

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