Project for my Team of Coders

Hello to My Coders,

I have hit some hard spots on this project and I need someone to help finishing this up. I'm sure I will get great results from you as I have in the past. The project has already been started and I need you to finish it. As usual, I want updates at least once a day. There are 4 people working on this project.

Best Regards


Current site is at www.EyePlastics.com. Site serves to host pages/sites for about 80+ doctors. The site serves as a directory for patients looking for information and/or a doctor. The site serves as a practice website for the most of the doctors listed.

Site hosts hundreds of pages of information and doctors' individual website utilizing a mod_rewrite script.

Test/New site Location/Hosting is to at [url removed, login to view]

Please see how accessing [url removed, login to view] presents one set of menus along the left and top in the header, whereas, if you enter via [url removed, login to view], options are different.

The prior 'inner workings' of the mod-rewrite are fundamental to the goals of the site.

The automation of addition of doctors and thereafter the display of the menus, appeaance and overall template/skin/design/gallery etc...all hinge on the initial websurfer entry to te site


In terms of the admin site/invoice sign ups etc. I currently utilize a XLS that contains

signup date, doctor name, address, contact email, associated website, external website etc....If this will help for that module I can certainly forward


the submenus that appear on the topic pages need to be generated based on the menus that are available/selected by that domain's settings

e.g the sub topics on the ptosis menu, should be automatically created based off of the ptosis menu; if a doctor has opted to deselect a subtopic then it should be deselected in both menus.



the pre-and post gallery programming seem close to finish.........but still need work--

they included the ability to drag and drop upload *MULTIPLE* photos all at once (not yet fully implemented)....I actually would prefer to be able to upload a folder and have the name of the folder that I drag and drop to upload be used to be the galler name.

the process currently allows me to crop preview, save etc;

i unerstand that resizing off the image occurs on the sever.

the other form of the gallery was not nearly as well developed; The idea is to allow *MULTILE* different display options of a set of SIMILAR photographs; for instance, I would like to be able to upload 10 images of a particular tumor, for instance, and then be able to SELECT how (which gallery presentation/format is used) to display


doctor listings.

steps I envision

1. I register domain

2. i enter admin module and add bassic information such as

dr first last name and new domain

3. scripts are generated to create subdomain/aliases etc, establish start date, set to inactive status etc. password username are created

4. the doctor (or me) then log on to the site to their page using their password and enter

admin/contact information/practice information/ page design etc

the admin /contact information will be used in the main admin module for renewals etc

the practice information will allow for practice name/address etc

by entering the addresss, google-styple maps will be generated and be available to attach/display on doctor's page

by entering the addresss, the doctor-directory will be updated to include that doctor's practice (once approved by the site administrator and their page is active). this process should utilize as much auto-complete as possible, eg start with zip or state to drill-down list of cities etc

ability to browse to upload gallery images/sound for

a. background music such as [url removed, login to view]

b. add graphic maps if the user selects

c. add patient photographs

d. add location maps

e. add patient forms

f. add pdf brochures/articles

g. add multimedia swf etc

h. add personal photograph

doctor would then select/deselect buttons/topics to display

doctor would then be able to select theme/skin of website and 'preview' how it would appear...(would affect menu appearance/fonts/colors/layout of site)

doctor would see (but not be able to change things that were set by site-administrator such as

sign up date

active/inactive status

premimum status enabled

Thanks for bidding

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