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I am an experienced new business developer with over 30 years experience. I want to organize a young team of people to market websites and related internet services to businesses.

I have developed an original line of branded name marketing concepts for local businesses to use, as a feature / benefit part of the company's proposal to select our team to do their internet work. These branded retail sales development concepts will provide the edge on web development / design companies in local markets - "the competition".

My plan is duplicatable in city after city, therefore the team as organized will need to think in termes of becoming "a big company" so people who indicate an interest to be part of this project must be people who are self starters and motivated...not just wanting a "Job" / "project to do".

Original Team will Own Company, and share in profits equally.

Must be prepared to prove your experience.

To All Service Providers Who have bid on Web Developmet Company.

First I thank you all for your interest, and your bids.

I must apologize to all of you. One person /company who bid gave me some constructive criticism and I am apperciative of that, so I have decided to add this information.

There has been a failure to communicate on my part. I hope this post will serve to clarify my project.

My plan is to assemble a group of people who are experienced and knowledgeable in their capacity to do the technical work related to creating web sites. All work related to creating the website(s).

There are multitudes of people with that capacity with variying degree of experience and talent. All of them engaged in the pursuit of generating sales revenue for themseles / company are working now part time or full time.

I am not interested to work with people who fit the description of the required skills needed for my project unless they are able to work at my project exclusively. I do not want to "hire" another company or team, I want to "assemble a team"...and that team will create my project.

Obviously that desire eliminates most of you who have bid on my project....since most of you already have your own company and you are seeking work for yourself / company. I want to compete with you, not let you compete with my company.

So, each person / company who joins me will be a special kind of person, and who possesses a unique ability to join me. You will have to decide if you fit that mold. I can not. What I do is decide who can do the job in terms of experience and ability / talent, not whether they want to be part of my team.

I have said I am organizing a team of people, to use my branded retail sales tools I have created to use as an exclusive feature / benefit of purchasing a web site from our company by businesses in a city, and the plan is duplicatable in all cities from small to metro. So, I am talking about literally thousands and thousands of web sites being created. Even if, a business already has a web site it will have to be redesigned if that business wants to use my Branded Sales Program(s) and become a marketer of IT, in their city.

So, what that means is "one" bidder will not be "the only winner". That is where the problem comes in as I now recognise...and failed to understand when I posted tmy project.

I have posted a ticket to the support of Get A Free lancer to determine if I can upgrad my account to Gold, AfTER a project posting. It should make no difference to them, under the circumstances but I will wait until I see what their answer is so I can then decide what is the best way to proceed from their.

Some of you have indicated you weant more information. I hope this post will shed some light on my project.

I am 65 years young, and have carried a sales bag for over 40 years. I am what is refferred to as a "one call closer". Sales people today, are not experienced in "sales" as I have been taught to sell. In the late 1950's when I was taught to sell, there were principles related to actual field sales work that you must perform, or you starved, or were fired. It was that simple.

What is not understood today, is that it is no different today. But, the difference is there is a market sitting there so ripe, and so much in need, that almost any one can sell anything.

What that means is sales are being hindered to such a degree that there is a huge gap open for people who know how to sell, and what has to happen for people to buy when you are selling to them.

First you have to provide them something they can not obtain from anyone else, at your price. As that statement is related to my project, people can buy web sites from so many people today that it's a fright. And, they all "say" there's is the "best" ...? Now I ask you...how can THAT be true?

Many people who do web sites do very good work; even excellent work; mowt of the people who have bid on my project fall in that class. The shocking fact is those of you who have bid are only 20 or so; there are thousands of you. Yes, there are thousands of web sites that need to be created and thousands are being created. But, THAT is a result of the "need" not because there is any specific and critical selling needed to penetrate this vast market. I venture a guess that most web sites that are created are because someone said, "I need one". The sales program I have in mind will say to businesses right down the street "you need a website, and here's why, blah, blah, blah." And, they will buy from me. Why? Because they will salivate when they hear me tell them why, and the key word that will cause their wheels in there mind to turn so I will be able to see the turning is "exclusive franchise in your category of retailing / business in your city".

So, let's see what the Get A Freelancer support people say about me upgrading to Gold, and then we'll go from there.

P.S. I apologize for the "spelling mistakes" in my last post, to add to my orignial posted project. I'm not a good, even...speller. I love the "spell check" but I didn't want to take the time to use it (:<)

Hello, to all who entered a bid for my project: Web Development company: Thank you, I appreciate your efforts.

My project deadline here at GAF is ending in 2 days 20 hrs. approximately.

I have entered a "clarification" to the original project post, and since time is running out on my project dealine, I fell obliged to make another clarification at this critical point of the time line on my project.

I attempted to clarify my project in the first clarification, and mentioned my need to amend my project based upon a ticket I submitted to GAF Support. I have not heard a peep from GAF Support on my ticket that asked about the policy of upgrading to Gold retroactive to posting date. Not a word; to me, this is goofy, since GAF Support answered two other tickets I initiated. I hope GAF Support reads this final clarification before my project time line ends, and answers my question; if any of you Service Providers can speak to GAF Support or have any invluence I would encourage you to motivate GAF Support to communicate an answer to my ticket question.

I hope all you understand my situation. As I mentioned in my first clarification, I am not interested in a company that simply wants to do a project, and still work as a company.

Anyone who joins my company will be an OWNER not with me involved as an OWNER.

Therefore those selected will work for THEIR company, owned by the people who do the work. Sales people who sell the branded services will NOT be owners. Only technical people who do the work the sales people sell on the street.

Sales people can be recruited to sell websites that offer a branded product line of features the clients can not get from any other website sales people, so why would a person who sells websites want to sell any other kind of website? The answer is they wouldn't want to.

Do you konw how many people there are out there that are digging around in the "drop my price to sell websites" world? Groups of them.

All of these sales people are resources to recruite in cities to sell my branded programs received free when a client joins our branded face on the Internet, that has links to their web site, to work the branded features of my sales program for thier particular type of retail business. So, why wouldn't they "sign up"? They would.

Then, it's a matter of how successful the client is during the first year using my branded retail selling program in their market / assigned sales territory within their market.

Since it is an exclusive branded sales development program the clients will be working ( their competitors) in their category of retailing will be defenseless against this program. So, the only reason why a retailer would not renew, is if the owner or general manager is so incompetent, that they did not work the program as instructed.

If that is the outcome after one year, we don't want that client in that category anyway, since they are a drag on the whole web site. So, we simply sell it to a different client in the same category of retailing, for the second year.

Retention should be approaching 100% second years, exception of clients that die or go out of business.

As I mentioned in my original project post, and my clarification #1, the people that I select to go into this project need to be of special capacity, and abiltiy.

You will not only have to be an excellent technical person, and I must say, I have been very impressed with all of the bidders work product, even if they did the work as part os a company and the company wants to remain as their own company and as I have said that scenario is of no use to me.

Those selected if the project goes forward appointing Service Providers bidding here at GAF you must understand you will be in the same shoes at the sales people. They don't sell, you don't eat. See, that eliminates people who simply want to work by the hour.

What is needed is special people who understand that in the world of business today, espeicalldy the technical world of Internet Service providers...if you offer a "samo-samo" product...even if it is superior in work product...there are lots of those...how difficult is it if you have learned your craft...then in essence your future is "droping prices" to get work. And, that's the same as work by the hour.

No, today the website designer / Internet Service provider has to offer the client a benefit with features, they can not get from anyone else. And, the price has to be structured so that it is the "volume" of production that keeps you penetrating that huge, huge retall client market in a way that leaves the competition scratching their head.

THAT kind of scenario my friends ... that kind of capacity only comes one way...years and years, decades and decades of on the street selling experience. You have to know what you know so deeply, that it's obvisous to others, when they hear you talk, watch you speak, become motivated because of persuasive abilty of a person such as that, and even to reconize the buzs, when you read this kind of person's words..."feel it"?

Experience: when you have it, it's obvious. But, you need more than just experience. You need innovative creativity that is recognised in you, by the people you talk to or sell to. They know, because they recognise themseles in the person talking, or speaking. why do you think they thrown in with you?

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