p/t job: Systems Administrator/Software Tester/Documentation Specialist


* Must be an expert at Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Frontpage. Should be familiar with Microsoft Access, Publisher. Must be an expert with Windows XP and 2000 and familiar with Windows 2003 Server.

* Must have a passion for computers and the software that runs them. Must be able to learn new things and new software quickly.

* Must have a fast Internet connection for uploading and downloading very large files. Sometimes 600+ megabytes

* Good written English (spelling and grammar)

* Professional Communication skills

* Available for contact via Yahoo, MSN, or AOL instant messenger.

* to be effective at this job, you will likely need 2 computers or have VMWare Workstation installed.

* Must be able to follow directions to the letter. If the directions are unclear, the contractor should be able to think on his/her own and improvise.


* This applicant will test and learn software and document how to perform various features of the software using special software.

* The applicant will rroduce a minimum of 75 documents/week. Depending on your skill and and speed, you may be able to produce much more. I myself can create about 75 in about 20 hours.

* Each day, the contractor will upload the completed documents to our server and also email them as well.

* The contractor must be creative and be able to think independently. I do not want to be telling you what to do every step of the way.

This is a part-time job (30 hours or so), but can be a full-time job if you want it to be and produce more documentation.

Base salary for 300 documents/month is $500/month. This is a permanent long term partnership for someone who wants to be forced to learn even more about the software they think they are experts at and get paid for it!!!

Monthly bonus will be offered for additional documentation, outstanding quailty of documentation and initiative. This will be considered after 3 months of work.

MY goal is to train the assistant on our software and have the contractor create the documents daily. i will check on them every other day and check in occasionally, but the project is long and will take some time to finish.

You will be paid weekly after the first delivery of 75 documents and every week thereafter until other arrangements are made. Paypal is preferred, but remit2india also works as well.

This job is suitable for individuals looking for stable work in low cost of living countries such as India and a few Eastern European countries.

Contractor should be fully aware of intellectual property laws, respect them, and know that plagiarism is not right. Assistant should also know what trademarks are and US copyright law and policy.

to filter out non-qualified individuals and companies, please send me a screenshot of Vmware Workstation running on your computer with Windows Millenium, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, and Windows XP pro running. This will prove your technical ability. To prove that you are creative and resourceful, be sure that I can tell what operating system is what.

You will have to sign a contract before any work commences.

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