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I am looking for a clone of a simple autohotkey script, Hijack HoldemRanger. The script works with another program called Holdem Ranger, I would like the clone to be similar to the original, except work with PokerStove instead. Below I have included more detailed instructions. Please let me know if you need more clarification. I will make prompt payment and would like this project completed as soon as possible.

Hold'em Ranger is a program used to calculate the odds of a hand of Texas Hold'em Poker. Hijack HoldemRanger is an autohotkey script that is used to automate the process of evaluating the odds of many different hands and compiling all the data together [both programs are included in the "Bulk Hand Range Analyzer" archive]. What it does is allow a user to define the input, in the automation processs one is static and the other changes. What I have labeled "A" is the changing input. The user defines a list of poker hands which are individually copied into the first field of Holdem Ranger. The field labeled "B" is static. That is copied into the second field on Holdem Ranger and stays the same throughout the process. What the program does in the process is start, for example, with AAo in the first field, and "55+,A9s+,KQs,ATo+" in the second. It then will press "Calc Equities." Once the result has been returned, it then copies only the first field along with the "equity" to its right [converted to a decimal], it does not press "Copy to Clipboard." When it has finised the list in field A, it compiles all of the data and presents it in a comma delimited list in the results field.

Now, this script works very well at what it does, however, it is fairly limited. Notice how Holdem Ranger has 6 fields in the hands column, however, the script Hijack HoldemRanger is only able to 2 fields of input. This is because Holdem Ranger has a very difficult time handling more variables simply because of how complex the calculations become, and it becomes unresponsive when it attempts to. There is a very similar program to Holdem Ranger, called PokerStove. While this program is still slow at handling the extra variable, it does not become unresponsive during the calculation so it would be a better candidate for what I am doing.

What I would like is for you to create a program similar to Hijack HoldemRanger except that it works with PokerStove and allows me to use more than 2 variables while recording the result in the "Equity" field next to the first field. I would like to have it be able to run on multiple instances of PokerStove simultaneously. Finally, I would like to have a sort of batch feature installed with the program which I will do my best to explain below:

In the first field I will have the list which will be worked through. In the Second field I will have another variable which we will call 1. In the third field I will have three different variables, X, Y, and Z. I would like to be able to go through the list with the second field set to 1 and then the third field set to X and when it has completed the list in the first field, then change the third field to Y and go through the list again, then change the third field to Z and then stop after it has completed the list.

Let me know if you have any questions, Im sure there are a lot of areas that need further clarification.

If you need RAR for Bulk Hand Range Analyzer then PM me


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