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Create software or modify existing software

I would like to have a program written as follows:

This would be a second version of my existing software "Dream Maker v1.0" (which is a Windows-based application that people can download and install on their computer) but with many more features added. I’d like to change the name to "Brain Control Wizard v2.0". (You can see original Dream Maker v1.0 by downloading it at [url removed, login to view])

Here are the modifications I’d like to make:

1) The program user, upon installing Brain Control Wizard (before it launches), should see a pop-up screen requiring the program user to "register" it by providing their first name and primary e-mail address. I will supply the code for the form, which includes the destination of the captured info.

2) After the user has registered, and Brain Control Wizard has launched, I’d like a welcome scrollable screen to pop up that has all the instructions on how to use the program. I will be supplying all the text.

3) I will also be supplying you with all the default questions that need to be displayed in "ticker tape" fashion (to replace the sentences that are in the original Dream Maker program).

4) I'd like to change the Dream Maker icon from the present stylized graphic of a man ==> to a picture of a brain (see attached royalty-free reference picture of a brain).

5) I'd like the scrolling "ticker tape" area to have a dark blue background with yellow letters.

6) When the scrolling questions are displayed on the computer screen, I want a sound file (mp3 format) to be playing in the background. I will supply the sound file, and I'd like it to loop so that it keeps repeating for as long s the scrolling screen is active (even when the scrolling screen is hiding underneath an active window). I’d also like the user to have the option having the sound on or off (with volume control).

7) I'd like another Option added (called Single Question), wherein the user can select any of the scrolling sentences, and that question will be displayed in its entirety all by itself in a window that covers the entire computer screen like a screensaver. This is a static screen, not a scrolling screen). When the user, closes that screen, the program takes them back to the scrolling screen.

8) I’d like to give the Option to have each of the questions appearing singly (all by themselves) in a full screen as in #7 above for 16 seconds, followed by the next question for 16 seconds, in a rotating fashion.

9) I'd like a print option, wherein the user can print all the questions. Maybe by adding

"Print" on the menu -- and when the user click on it, a pop-up window opens displaying all the questions, and they can click on a print command? They should be able to print just one selected question or all of them.

10) Finally, I’d like the program to be somewhat editable by me (not by the user), if possible. The reason for this is because in a few weeks’ time, I may want to change the sound file and/or change the text that comes up in the Welcome Screen. Would it be possible for you to write the program in such a way that we can easily edit it ourselves (example: upload a new mp3 to replace the current one, or change the text in the Welcome screen)? We'd like to be able to do that from our end so that we won’t keep bothering you for small modifications here and there. This final point is not as important as Nos. 1-9, and if it can’t be done, that’s okay.

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