IPhone App Game similar to ibeer

I am looking for someone to develop an iphone app in the spirit of ibeer. You will have to know the SDK development kit provided by apple or some mobile phone equivalent. The app is meant to be a simple form of entertainment, nothing too involved. I would like my app to have the same photo realism as ibeer, however since this is key to selling its fun.

I would like to develop something called, ibong. Essentially it is a simulation that makes the iphone look like the inside of a smoke filled bong. There should be a photorealistic simulation of water and smoke rising from inside the bong. Obviously I would like the smoke and water to move when the user tilts the iphone or touches the screen.

How it should work is the ibong program runs with the iphone receiver facing up. when someone makes an inhaling sound over the receiver the water should bubble, a bubbling sound should play and the smoke should disappear upwards like it is being inhaled. A popup will then tell them their level of intoxication. Depending on the duration of the person's inhale they could be Buzzed, High, Spaced Out, Stoned, Brain Dead or Hunter S. Thompson.

The more hits they take the more virtually intoxicated they become and the fuzzier/shakier the picture gets, simulating being stoned. To stop the program I want it so when the user tilts the iphone all the way rightside up the smoke and water spills out, simulating when people wash out their bongs.

To start the program I want the user to have to virtually light a flame lighter by stroking their finger across the screen. This will simulate actually lighting the bong.

Background sounds should be able to be played optionally as well, such as coughing, laughing, "Woah"s, "Pass it on man", "Quit hogging it man" and "Groovy" and puffing noises.

This should be a cool little novelty program that people can share with their friends and have a laugh. Additionally I am thinking about making a lava lamp app as well.

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