Seas the Day Tip Functionality

Matt, we discussed the details in email, but I've compiled some of it here. Let me know if you want more detail. A big question I have **added** is about the shortcode. If you can't actually do that part, would you make it easy for us to add that in the future? (scroll down to see what I mean)

We would take either a new theme, or a modification of a simple theme.

To elaborate on the site a little more: it's a daily tip for how you can help protect the ocean. There is a monthly theme each tip fits into. A new tip every day, plus a series of three things you can do which change monthly. If I'm not explaining this fully check out [url removed, login to view] to see what we currently have.

The thing is, we're going to be taking Seas The Day in a new direction. So we want to put the site up now, in a fairly generic way so that when we figure out what we actually want it to look like, it will be easy to customize it. Right now it's targeted at the general public, we will eventually target youth, if that helps explain a bit better.

Please let me know anything else you need to know. The main things we want are:

1. A way to upload tips en masse, such as excel file

2. A way to enter tips thru the front end (like a post)

3. Make the tips extremely shareable, and give them a shortcode or something to make them easy to display anywhere (as in, the text of the tip. Since the actual tip "posts" themselves will probably be Tip Text, Image, + Link).

***** SHORTCODE: We would like a shortcode to display that day’s tip, and display tips by month/category, random tip within a category, etc. Is that possible? If tips are a custom post type I assume we'd be able to tag them & give them categories which may make them easier to show in different ways.

4. Very simple and easily customizable theme, so we can change the look of the site later. We'll provide you with images for the initial layout

I can give you a few more details. Each tip would have a title, picture, and image. What you describe with the CSV sounds perfect actually.

Shareable I do mean all those social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, email), and RSS. It would be nice if we could have each tip be shareable.

The 3 monthly things can be either bulk or simply through the front end. Since they only change once a month that's not as big of a time sink.

"By 'customizable' I assume you mean that the CSS/HTML of the theme is easily accessible for editing, yes? I can always do the theme separately and implement the tip of the day etc functionality as plugins, so that if you decide to switch themes completely in the future the tip functionality remains."

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