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Interactive Flash Video App

A MS Word and PDF version of these specs is attached.


PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: Interactive Video Application

RFP/Bid Request by Wesley M. Craft, Director of New/Digital Media



The application is modeled after a similar player on the careers website of Century 21. The premise of use is that we film on a chroma-keyed background a series of individual local experts and push their videos into this application using an XML feed. The application should be Flash based and reusable. See the example at [url removed, login to view]


* All content and configurable settings to be fed into the application via standardized and compliant XML configuration file.

* Content and settings that are unable to be fed via XML should be definable into the object embed code.

* Items to be configurable:

o Number of videos. We should be able to push as few as 1 and as many as 4 videos into the application at a time.

o The width and height of the application. If this configuration element is not defined by us on each use, then the application should auto-size to fit the content.

o The videos should appear from left to right on the screen in the order that they are defined in the XML.

o Background image - This JPEG format image should be tiled vertically/horizontally as needed depending on the actual footprint of the application, which will vary.

o A text banner containing HTML text that will be shown on the stage at a configurable location. (provide an X/Y coordinate XML key to place the banner)

o Each video pushed into the XML should have it's own settings:

+ An ID or Name field

+ Zoom level - There appear to be three (3) different zoom levels in the demo application. We should be able to define this for each video independently in order to get the best look.

+ Destination URL

+ HTML text

+ Small video location/URL

+ Large (full-length) video location/URL

o Each video should behave in the following ways:

+ The small video will begin playing upon player load on the page and according to the zoom level set in the XML.

+ If no actions are initiated by the website visitor, then the small video will simply loop forever.

+ On mouse-over of a small format video,

# the zoom levels of any videos at the MAX zoom level (the big ones) will retreat randomly to a small or medium zoom level.

# The small video will stop playing

# and the full-length version will be zoomed to it's full level and begin playing.

# An information banner containing HTML text will appear either to the right or left of the individual (see example) depending on space available on the stage.

# The video will continue to play until either,

* the video completes, or

* the user clicks the video/individual.

# Upon stop-play of the full-length video, the small video will re-appear and begin playing at the configured zoom level.

* Recording - Some recording of usage data will be needed. In order to do this, HTML POSTs should be made at each actionable/recordable event:

o Events:

+ On each PLAY of full-length video

+ On each STOP/END of full-length video

o Data to store/POST:

+ ID or Name of the video

+ Date

+ Time

+ IP Address

+ User-Agent

+ Action type (PLAY/STOP/END)

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