Miva programming for frieght calculations

I am going to address points in the spec document as they appear. Some of the requests are already

Inherent in Miva itself.

There are two functions already available either within Miva or through a service that Cisco Eagle currently has.

The UPS freight estimator can be purchased from Viking coders for $175 and works with Miva now. Once

Those rates have been acquired by the Miva interface we should be able to use them thoughout. Miva

Empressa will automatically “grab” variables and turn them into Miva variables when they appear through

Either a post or get.

The XML freight feed is a service that Cisco eagle already has on the site. The issue is that they want

To be able to indicate whether a product will use UPS or Common carrier in the miva interface. They have

Already entered flags in the miva database indicating whether the item is common carrier or UPS.

They have also entered a freight class, weight and originating city and state. So what we have to do

Is take that info from miva when someone orders pass it to the appropriate service, either UPS or

The XML based freight calculator let it calculate the freight and then pass that back to miva so that

It appears in the basket and through checkout. Then we need to add that info to the notification emails

(or create another one) to notify Cisco of the order and freight amount quoted.

Things to consider:

There are custom fields available within miva if we need to add any info.

There is a module available to get additional information from a customer that creates variables.

The module cost is $12.

In the Spec document they go into detail on what has to happen with UPS. The freight service that

Is $175 does all of that. That part is done.

The request for free freight. This also has a module we can use.

Using these different modules are just a matter of putting some if statements into the checkout function

So that the system goes to the right place to get the freight.

The request for comparing zip codes. There is a product available that will find the nearest zip code

Like this. We looked into this before and I have the cost built into my quote. I need to look it up again,

It’s been a year.


Since I originally quoted this, there is now a toolkit available that will allow us to create variables within miva

Without having to create our own modules. I bought one to look at it but I think it will simplify a lot of this.

We will need to create a simple module to do the freight markup I think. UPS has it’s own but for the common carriers

We will need a way to add to the freight amount. We’ll need to look at this further.

Shipping information is always saved with the order now so if we can get the amount transferred over in the checkout process

Standard miva will do the rest.

I need someone who knows the MIVA solution very very well !!!

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