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WE NEED TO MODIFY & DEPLOYE ZEN CART. This is not graphic design project. Programming Skills and In-Dept Knowledge of Zen Cart required.

1. GOAL: Rebuild Layout template. No graphic skills required!!!

DETAILS: Bring feel-and-look as close to ebay as possible. Removal of all non-required references to sponsor and zen site except small one on the bottom. Change positions of the sections. Almost all features already exist in the Zen Cart. You just need to place the sections as I require and slightly correct the sizes and shape of the sections like Categories, New Listings, Featured Listings and etc. Now changes in Data Base seams to be needed for this part. All image objects will be provided for you as well as picture representing new layout. I already made some cosmetic changes. I don't have the time to learn the system. You need to be ZEN-Pro and teach me some.

2. GOAL: Change Review Feature.

DETAILS/GOAL: Show 1st 6 Reviews on every item page (including Sold items) in short version (first 100 words for instance) and allow to expand:

2A. full text of perticular review

2B. all reviews for particular item

User email (ID) of all buyers who leave must be encoded. For example, this way: "a*******" or "z********" or "1********".

It also would be Great to show that person who leaves the Review is Buyer after buyer leaves his Feedback (Review). Show something like "Buyer's Feedback".

3. GOAL: Implement MAKE AN OFFER feature.

DETAILS: Each item page should have message board similar to the Review. It should be shown on every item page. It shoud show every question asked and offers made user with the encoded user ID (see above) made unless ADMIN decided to not display it this particular Question/Answer or Offer/Answer. The Answers made by Admin should be somehow highligted (different background or font for example) to make them different than Question or Offer. Admin section probably need little change to support this feature.

For better understanding check iOffer dot com (for instance this item page# 79372256, which has communication with multiple buyers)

4. Goal: add Model Number, Inventory Number fields.

DETAILS: Admin should be able to input this information when adding the listings into the site. Search by Model# and inventory# should be available to Buyer and Admin.

5. GOAL: Change of "Upcoming Products" and "Sold Products".

DETAILS: Currently "Make an Offer" feature should be also available for SOLD and UPCOMMING items. Don't show the "Date Expected" and remove large images saying "SOLD OUT". SOLD item should have the same format as existing item. After first buyer's attempt to MAKE an OFFER or BUY this item, the item page should display "On Layaway" image (to be provided). Make sure that all items (Sold & Available) are accessable via Category Browsing and Search.

Think about it as about as making Wish List feature. Of course, don't allow to pay on Sold item, but enter the info (buyer id / date / time / item# / itemtitle & etc) into the specially designed data base table, so admin will see everyone who wanted to buy this item.

6. Goal: Implement Layaway feature.

DETAILS: Item page should have "Hold It For Me" (right wording to be defined). Buyer goes to checkout where he should pay 20% of the sale price as a downpayment for the item. It means that checkout screen should have the agreement to pay full amount in full within X amount of days (text of the agreement is to be provided). Again ... for the Buyer who wants to put this item on layaway the payment amount will be equal to 20% of the shown purchase price.

Please make ask questions or confirm that you clearly understand each requirement. Your proposal how would you implement such features would increase your chance to be selected for this project.

If you would like to exclude certain features from this project, don't hesitate to contact me. I might adjust the project.

Also I wish to know what Internet connection you have and how reliable it is? Are you planning to work in in-and-out mode or will be available for communication via instant messaging system.

Next Project will be granted based on your performance in this one.



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