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What is the Sealed Entry Upgrade?

The Sealed Entry upgrade is a useful tool for designers who want to have an edge over the competition. By upgrading an entry to Sealed, you ensure that your idea can be seen only by the people who count: you and the contest holder. 

Here's how to upgrade your entry to Sealed Entry:

1. Go to the contest page and click Upload an Entry.

2. Click I want to submit an entry right away. Upload your design and fill out the details of your entry.

3. Under the Promote my entry section, tick the Sealed Entry upgrade. 

4. Tick "This entry is entirely my own original work and I agree to the Freelancer Terms and Conditions." and click Post My Entry.


Upgrading to a Sealed Entry will hide your design from everybody. This keeps others from copying your work, making your entries one-of-a-kind. What’s more is that the upgrade only costs $0.50 USD! (Look at Entry #8.)

Note: Once the contest is awarded and closed, the entry will no longer be sealed from others.

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