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Cancelling a Milestone Payment

You may cancel any Milestone Payment you create, provided your project has not yet been accepted by your awarded freelancer. If your project has been accepted, and you wish to cancel a Milestone Payment you created, you must ask your freelancer to cancel it for you. The Milestone Payment system works this way to protect both you and your freelancer.


In the event that your project doesn’t go as planned and your freelancer refuses to cancel a pending Milestone Payment, you may use our Dispute Resolution Service to resolve the issue.


Canceling a Milestone Payment will remove it from your project, returning the funds to your account balance.


A created Milestone Payment is held pending in the system until you choose to release it to your freelancer. We only recommend you do so once you are satisfied with your freelancer’s work.


Once released, the funds will be transferred to your freelancer’s account.

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