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Withdrawing earned funds

Are you looking to receive the payment for your hard work on You have the following options:

  • PayPal: Minimum of $50 USD with $1 withdrawal fee.
  • Express Withdrawals: Withdraw funds to your bank account. Minimum of $50 USD with $1 withdrawal fee.
  • Skrill: Minimum of $50 USD with $1 withdrawal fee. Exclusive to EUR and GBP.
  • Wire: USD-exclusive withdrawal to your bank account. Minimum of $500 USD with $25 USD transaction fee and/or additional fee by intermediary banks.
  • Payoneer: Minimum of $50 USD with $1 withdrawal fee.

The availability of these withdrawal methods depends on your location. You may be required to complete KYC verification before being able to withdraw funds depending on your chosen withdrawal method.
To file a withdrawal request:

1.  Make sure to complete the account verifications. This includes verifying your email, phone number, and KYC.


2.  Click on your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar and click "Withdraw funds".


3.  Select your preferred withdrawal method to receive your earnings.


4.  Enter the amount and currency you want to withdraw, as well as the details of your bank account (if necessary).

5.  Review the withdrawal details and click the "Withdraw Funds" button.




The withdrawal fees will not appear from the Transaction History as it is automatically deducted from your withdrawal amount, which means it will just reflect from the final amount credited to your chosen withdrawal option. You may view your total withdrawal fees from the Financial Dashboard, under your Expenses.

Your first withdrawal request requires 15 days clearing before processing for security reasons. Succeeding requests will be processed based on these cut-off and processing times:


5 PM Eastern Time on Sunday or 7 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time on Monday: processed Monday in Eastern Time or Tuesday in AEST.


5 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday or 7 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time on Thursday: processed Thursday in Eastern Time or Friday in AEST.


Forget about the cut-off time with our Daily Withdrawal Requests option available to users on Plus, Professional, or Premier membership. (Not applicable on your first withdrawal.)


Keep in mind that only one withdrawal request can be processed at a time. You will need to 1) wait for the first one to be completely processed or 2) cancel the original request before you can submit a new one.

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