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How to Update Your Location

At one point, a freelancer may find more opportunities after establishing a good presence online. Travel or change of residence may come with these opportunities.

Some may not consider the accuracy of their profiles a big deal. However, proper user representation is always preferred, especially if you will be staying somewhere new for a considerable length of time. You should always make sure that your account is updated with your current information.

For security purposes, a physical change of location does not automatically update your profile's location. While most account details may be edited, the flag found on every user’s profile page may be updated or corrected through the Secure Phone Number feature*. This ensures that the account’s change in security detail is done by someone authorized to do so.

*Note: This is only applicable for users who have not yet verified their phone number nor undergone KYC.

If you have previously verified a Secure Phone Number and you wish to change your account's location, you need to complete KYC Verification. If you already completed KYC Verification and you wish to change your location, you have to repeat the KYC verification process.


To update your account location, follow these steps:

1. Click your profile picture at the upper right part of your Dashboard page and select Settings.

You will be redirected to your Profile Details page on the Profile tab. From there, you will see that the Country field is locked for any changes.

2. Scroll down to the “Security Phone Number” section and click the Request to Change button. If you have yet to set up a security phone number, you will find the Setup Security Number button instead.

A pop-up window will then appear listing the steps you need to complete in order to update your account’s security phone number.

3. Click Change Security Number to start the process. A pop-up window will then ask for your new number. Make sure to select your current location from the dropdown menu first to properly update the number field’s prefix.

4. After your current location is set, type in your number. Select how you wish to receive the verification code as it may be sent to you via SMS or via call. Confirm to have the code sent.

  • Ensure that you are using either a landline or a mobile number because these are the only supported numbers for the Security Phone Number feature.
  • If the code still does not get sent, contact your landline/mobile service provider for assistance as there may be a restriction from their end that prevents the code from being sent to your device.
  • There is a maximum number of attempts allowed for verifying your number for security reasons. Once the limit is reached, you will be allowed to try again only after 24 hours.


5. Enter the code sent to you in the field provided and click Verify Code.


6. In order for the number to be applied successfully to your account, the ID Verification Process has to be completed. Click Verify Identity to start the process, and follow the steps.

After the number on your account is updated, the country should be automatically changed accordingly as phone number prefixes differ per country. If it does not reflect immediately, try to refresh your page. You can also try to log out and log back in.


Note that the option to change your phone number will not be available to you if you still have a pending ID verification request. You will need to cancel it first by going to the Verification Center. Once done, the Request to change button will then show up under Security Phone Number on this page.


If you will only be travelling for leisure or for a short time, the update may not be necessary. However, for freelancers who will be working in a different country for a long time or for those who will be living permanently in another place, going through this process is highly recommended.


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