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Full Time Project Upgrade

Employers have the option to upgrade their project to Full Time. With this upgrade, project fees will not be charged to either employer or freelancer, saving them as much as $650 USD on project fees.

This is most often used for projects that require extended or continuous work. Projects that are commission-based also benefit from this upgrade.

Let’s make an example: a project that runs for 10 months where the freelancer is to be paid $500 USD every month. Assuming both the employer and freelancer have a Free Membership, the resulting monthly project fees will be a total of $65 USD (employer fee is $15 USD while freelancer fee is $50 USD). In contrast, there are no monthly project fees for a Full Time Project. It’s worry-free.

Only when the total amount paid to the freelancer exceeds $5000 USD will further payments be charged with project fees. 


A project can be upgraded to Full Time while it’s being posted. On the Post Project page, just tick the box next to Full Time before clicking Post Project Now.


Projects that have the Full Time upgrade will appear on the site with the Fulltime tag on it when posted on the Browse Projects page.


Freelancers will also be able to view the Full-Time tag on a project's main page.

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