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Requesting Milestone Payments for Hourly Projects

For hourly projects, you can request your employer to create Milestone Payments via the project page or the Financial Dashboard page.


On the Project Page

1. Go to your My Projects page.

2. Toggle the Freelancer view, select the Current Work tab, and choose the related project.


3. On the Milestones tab of your project page, click Request Milestone.

Note: You must install the Desktop App first for any Milestone Payment on your project to be released. 


4. Enter the amount and description of the payment and click Request Milestone to send the request. Note that the payment’s currency will follow the currency in which the project was listed under.


After the request is created, the Milestone Requests section will appear on top. Once a Milestone Request is accepted by the employer, it will then be listed as a Milestone Payment under the Milestones section.


On the Financial Dashboard

1. Click your balance at the top right part of your Dashboard and select Financial Dashboard.

Financial Dashboard

2. Select the Milestone Requests tab.

3. Click Request Milestone.

4. Choose the related project under the Select Active Project section.


5. Enter the amount and description of the Milestone Payment you wish to request from  your employer.

6. Click Request Milestone once done.

Note: Requesting a Milestone Payment does not create the Milestone Payment itself. Only the employer of a project has the option to create the Milestone Payment from their end.

  • Your employer will be notified of your Milestone Request instead. If they accept your request, the Milestone Request will then be created into a Milestone Payment.

  • As invoices for hourly projects are automatically generated every Monday and paid every Wednesday, existing Milestone Payments will be used to pay for these invoices. If there is no Milestone Payment created on the hourly project, funds will be taken from the employer’s payment source which they set up for billing.

Communication is an essential part of every project. For queries and clarifications regarding an unapproved Milestone Request or disputes regarding the payment amounts, we recommend messaging your employer directly through chat or your Inbox.

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