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Project Management Upgrade

If your time does not permit the close supervision of your awarded project, then the Project Management upgrade is for you. With this upgrade, a Project Manager will assist you by:


facilitating communication between you and your freelancer,


sending reports of the project’s progress to you, and


ensuring the freelancer meets your weekly goals and completes the project on time.


You can get the Project Management upgrade from this page.



Just click Hire a Project Manager and select your project from the open projects list. 



The Project Manager fee is charged at an hourly rate based on the size of your project.


Small projects: 1 to 5 hours, $20 - 100 USD


Medium projects: 10 to 20 hours, $200 - $400 USD


Large projects: 20 to 40 hours, $400 - $800 USD


You will be billed every Monday at 9AM PST for the hours worked on by the Project Manager from the previous week. Feel free to inform your Project Manager if you no longer need assistance with your project.


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