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Viewing my freelancer’s tracked hours

Daily Activity Viewer


You can monitor all the tracked work hours of your freelancers in your hourly projects through the Daily Activity Viewer on your project page.


With the Freelancer Desktop App, random screenshots of your freelancer’s work progress will be taken and sent to your Daily Activity Viewer slides. If your freelancer enters manually tracked hours instead, there will be no record of screenshots and the slide will be labeled Manual Entry.


Daily Activity Viewer


You can browse through the screenshots by clicking Scroll back or Scroll forward to view what your freelancer has done within the work hours they have tracked. You can also start a slideshow by clicking the play button Play.


Screenshots are compiled per week, and you can select the weekly screenshots you wish to view by clicking the week’s link beside Filter by week.


Filter by week




Tracked Time


To view the number of hours worked on by your freelancer, check the Tracked Time section under the Daily Activity Viewer slides.


Your freelancer’s tracked work hours are recorded graphically, and you can toggle between Weekly History or Monthly History. Hours tracked using the Desktop App are graphed in a solid color while manually tracked hours have white stripes.


Tracked time

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