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What if a Freelancer Fails to Complete My Project?

There are several options you can take as an employer in case a freelancer fails to complete a project. believes that most issues can be resolved amicably through patience, understanding and open communication between employer and freelancer. If there's an issue with a project, it is highly recommended that both parties discuss this first in order to reach an agreement.

If you need further recommendations on how to resolve an issue with a freelancer, the Support team is always available to assist. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to chat with our Live Support or submit a ticket.


Award Another Freelancer

You can, at any point, pick another freelancer to do the job. All it takes is to click + Award Another Freelancer under the Management tab of your project page.

You will be redirected to the Proposals tab where you can find the list of your project's existing bidders. To pick one, just click Award on their bid. To know more about awarding a project, please read How to Award a Project


Cancel the Project

If you absolutely no longer want to continue working with the first freelancer you picked, you have the option to cancel your project with them if there is no payment made yet.

You can cancel a project by clicking End Project on your project page if it is a fixed-price project or End Billing if it is an hourly project.

A popup will then appear giving you two options:

  • My requirements have changed and I no longer require this work to be done — Select this if you want the project to be cancelled.
  • The freelancer is unable to complete my project — Select this if you want the project to be marked as Incomplete.

To cancel your project, select the first option and click Submit.


Mark the Project as Incomplete

To mark your project as incomplete, select the second option from the popup that will show. Marking your project as "Incomplete" will give you the option to leave feedback and ratings for your freelancer. This way, you can share your experience about the freelancer to other users.


Repost the Project

You have the option to repost a past project (whether closed, cancelled, expired, or marked as complete or incomplete) in order to get a new set of bidders and hire a new freelancer.

To repost a project, go to your My Projects page and select the Past Projects tab. Look for the project you want to repost and under its Action dropdown menu, select Repost


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