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What is a Recruiter Project?

Having difficulties finding the right freelancer for your project? Worry no more. Your outsourcing troubles are over! As an employer, there is a variety of project upgrades available to help you get work done easily. One of these options is the Recruiter service.

Shortly after you post your project with a Recruiter service, a Recruiter will contact you to get your project started.

  • Your Recruiter will take care of the initial stages of your project doing everything from inviting freelancers, vetting them, negotiating price, and finally recommending them to you.

  • Recruiters also work closely with Preferred Freelancers, an elite list of freelancers who pride themselves on their craftsmanship and deliver excellent service and quality results. They will choose their recommended freelancers from Preferred Freelancers only.

  • You will be guided on how to use the site in the best way. Your Recruiter will explain how to award your project, how payments work, and how to best communicate with your freelancer


The Recruiter service costs $19.00 USD or its equivalent to your account's primary currency. The Recruiter tag will be shown on the project's page like this:


For more information about the Recruiter project upgrade, click here.

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