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Contest Fees

The fee structure for contests is different from projects.


Contest Holders


Posting a contest will not cost additional fees, but a funding source in the account or sufficient funds should be available for the prize money as it will be charged upfront when starting a contest to be set aside for the winner.


Awarding a contest is also free of charge, but buying entries will each cost the freelancer’s indicated sell price.


Optional upgrades are available, depending on what your contest requires.





Joining contests is free. There are also optional entry upgrades if you wish to highlight or keep your entry hidden.


The winning freelancer is charged 10% of the contest prize or $5 USD (whichever is greater) once the Contest Handover is completed.



Contest fees are non-refundable. Refund or adjustment of these fees can only be processed if they were mistakenly charged due to technical issues.


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