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How Entries are Protected on

Your entries are protected by the fact that contest holders are only able to preview a low-resolution image of an entry for contest purposes. They must comply with the Contest Handover to legally own the entry you created.

Policy on Copied Entries

  • For entries that are partially copied or used as “inspiration," we at Freelancer will review and provide a verdict based on our findings.

  • For entries which are substantially or entirely copied, we will remove the entry and issue the freelancer a warning.


As for the freelancers issued with copyright violations, immediate disqualification from the contest will be their penalty. Further occurrences will result in their exclusion from all future contests entirely. They can no longer submit any entries once the investigation or report against them is proven true. We identify such violators as blacklisted.

We take copyright infringement seriously as per our Copyright Infringement Policy.

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