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Why Did My Entry Get a Poor Rating?

Every contest holder has particular needs. While some contests allow participating freelancers to use their imagination more freely, some provide strict conditions and requirements in their contest description.

When your entry receives a poor rating or is rejected, it only means that what you submitted is not what the contest holder is looking for. You might have missed some important requirements, or the overall theme of your entry might not match what the contest holder requires.

We recommend communicating with the contest holder and asking for feedback as to what you can improve on. It is generally good practice to ask contest holders about their preferences regarding the designs/entry.

You can use chat, the Private Message Board, or Public Clarification Board to communicate with them. To learn more about these means of communication, please read this article

You may also message the contest holder via the comments thread of your entry. Click on any submitted entry to bring the form up:


Try to get as much feedback from the contest holder as possible so you can work on improving your entries. As long as the contest is open, you may continue submitting ideas.

In order to increase your chances of receiving a high rating at the onset, make sure to read, understand and implement the details or requirements mentioned in the contest description. Remember, being able to create designs tailored especially for the contest gives you a better chance of winning the contest.


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