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Sponsored Bid Upgrade

The Sponsored bid upgrade will pin your bid on top of the bid list for the clients to see right away. On, bids are ranked based on freelancer ratings. Sponsoring your bid will push your bid on top of the list regardless of your reputation on the site.


You can sponsor your bid for 0.75% of your bid amount or $1.90 USD (whichever is higher), for a maximum of $19.99 USD.


Only one bid can be sponsored per project, which means that it is on a first come, first served basis.



How to upgrade


     1.  Under the Optional Upgrades part of the bid form, tick Sponsored.


     2.  Click Place Bid and Pay (amountto place your bid.


     3.  On the payment details page, click Confirm and pay (amount).


Note that if your account balance is not enough to cover the upgrade fee, you will be required to add funds. If no payment is made, the bid will still be placed, but it will not be sponsored.




You can still Sponsor your bid even after it is placed.


On the bids list of the project, click Edit across your bid. You will be directed to the Details page of the project where you can edit the Optional Upgrades for your bid. Once you are done editing your bid, click Update Bid.


Note: The Sponsored bid upgrade fee is non-refundable.


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