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Video call

Make video calls straight from the chat box:

  1. From your contacts list, click the name of the user you wish to initiate a video call with.
  2. On the pop-up chat window, click the ellipsis .
  3. Choose "Video" from the options.

The video call icon will only be active if:

  • The project award has been accepted.
  • The user you wish to video chat with is online.

If both conditions are met and you are still unable to start a video call, your browser may not be supported. Otherwise, scroll down and report the issue to us through live chat or ticket.

In the ongoing video call, you will have the option to share your screen with the other user by clicking the Screen Share option. You will have the option to choose which screen, window, or tab you would like to present.


To stop presenting, simply click the stop sharing option.


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