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Currency conversion rates

Currency conversion rates are applied in these situations.


Incurring charges in a different currency


When you add a verified payment method, the automatic charges you incur will be in your account’s primary currency. If you incur charges from a project or contest in a different currency, your funds will be automatically converted to the charges’ currency, and an exchange rate will be applied.


For example, if your primary currency is USD and you accept a fixed-price project that is listed in AUD, your USD funds will be automatically converted to AUD in order to pay for the incurred project fee.



Withdrawing funds to a different currency


Manual conversion of funds to different currencies is not available on the site. However, you may withdraw your funds to any currency available to you depending on your chosen withdrawal method. An exchange rate will be applied for this which may include a fee for effecting the withdrawal’s currency conversion.


Currency conversions are final and irreversible.

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