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Becoming a Service Provider

This service is unavailable at the moment.

Freelancer Services are ready-made work with a pre-set budget and timeline that freelancers can choose to work on as a service provider.


To become a service provider, you should meet these requirements:


•  You are on a paid membership plan.


•  You have at least five (5) freelancer project reviews for the skills of the service.


•  You have at least one (1) of the required skills of the service.



There is no limit to the number of services you can offer as long as you meet all of the criteria above.


1.  Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then, click View profile.


2.  From your Profile page menu, click My Services.




3.  Click Browse More Services.




4.  From the Freelancer Services page, select the service that you can expertly work on as a provider.




5.  On the service provider section, click Become a Provider.




6.  Click Confirm if you meet the requirements. If not, you will see the requirements you need to meet to become a provider.




7.  You can confirm your service provider status when you see the Manage Services button on the service page. Clicking it will take you to the My Services page where you can view all the services you are a provider of.




After successful registration, you will be added to the pool of service providers in the Freelancer Service you chose. When a client orders that service, one of you will automatically be selected to work on it based on a range of indicators from your profile’s reputation.


If chosen, you can either accept or reject the award. A Milestone Payment will automatically be created when you accept, and you can start working on the service. Once done and the payment is released, you will incur a 20% service fee.


Should you reject the award instead, the service will automatically be re-awarded and the Milestone Payment moved to another service provider from the pool.



My Services Dashboard


You can manage the services that you offer from the My Services page.



Just click the toggle if you wish to be removed from the list of providers in a service. If you want to choose other services, click Browse More Services.


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