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Username Change Request

Have you regretted signing up years ago with a username that was silly or dated quickly? Or, were all the good usernames taken before you signed up? Maybe your business changed its name over the years?

For freelancers, a trustworthy and professional-looking username coherent to your profile can be a key factor for clients to choose you over another bidder in a project. 

For a limited time, we are giving everyone a chance to have your username changed.

How it works


Send a username change request by filling out this form. You will be required to nominate three desired usernames (by order of preference).

Requests will be reviewed by our specialized team; the review will include a profile and other crucial information checks. Follow these guidelines for your new username.


Must be alphanumeric (contains letters and/or numbers),

starts with a letter, and

has 16 characters at most.

In addition, the desired username must not be related to any existing brand, be it a public figure or a business other than your own.


If your new username adheres to our guidelines and it’s available for use, we will proceed with the change. A password reset is done during this process. Within 24 hours after that, a fee of 99 USD* for the service will be charged from your account.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form now to see if you are eligible to get a new username.

*The service fee of 99 USD is subject to VAT. VAT rate may vary depending on your country of residence.

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