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Client is not responding

Attempt to contact your client to determine if they will respond. If more than 24 hours passes without a reply, scroll down to submit a ticket with the details so we can step in to help.


We recommend asking your clients to create Milestone Payments for you prior to starting projects. That way, our Dispute Resolution Service will be available in case the project does not go as planned.


Here are some tips to help ensure the success of your future project as well:

  • Propose Milestones when bidding, request for Milestone Payments to be created before accepting a project or before starting work. You can break the project down in phases, and assign corresponding payments for their completion.
  • Establish a set schedule for communicating, for meetings, and for submitting work. This is even more important if you are working with a client in a different time zone.
  • Maintain your correspondences within to ensure you have the best protection possible in an unlikely event of a dispute.


One can’t be too careful. Read here to learn about red flags and warning signs that would be helpful to spot as a freelancer.

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