Bagaimana kami boleh membantu anda?

I have issues with my freelancer

The quality of output and the timetable of your project might have been affected by some issues between you and your hired freelancer. We highly recommend that you resolve these issues through clear and constant communication to reach an agreement that works for both of you.


You may read these articles for our recommendations on the issues you may be encountering:


    ● Hired freelancer is unable to start work on the project

    ● Hired freelancer's work is of poor quality

    ● Hired freelancer failed to complete the project

    ● Hired freelancer is not responding


You can hire a Project Manager to help you manage your freelancer’s work progress until your project gets completed.


If there are other work issues affecting your project’s completion, contact us so we can assist you immediately. Just scroll down past this article and click Contact Us.

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