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How to use Tasklists

Looking for a better way to organize your tasks? Then Tasklists is what you need. This productivity tool allows you to create a personalized list of the tasks you want to accomplish by yourself (as a freelancer) and tasks you would like to assign to your freelancers (for clients) so you can best manage deadlines and project deliverables. Plus, it’s a great tool to collaborate with key persons in your project and in your organization.

These are the terms that you need to know before getting started.
Tasklist - Tasklists are main lists where specific tasks or to-do items are added.
Task - Tasks are the specific action items listed under a tasklist.

You can create Tasklists in three places:

1. From the Tasklists tab in the secondary navigation/menu bar.

Tasklists tab

This will lead you to the Tasklists page where you will see a default tasklist with the title “[your username] tasklist”. 

2. From the Manage tab in the main navigation bar.

Manage tab

In the Tasklists section of the Manage menu, click View to be routed to the main Tasklists page. You can also click the default tasklist and start using it.

3. From the Tasklists tab of your project.

Tasklists tab

There is no default tasklist here. To create a tasklist for your project, click the Add Tasklist button.

Starting a Tasklist

Here’s a guide on how you can create and edit your tasklist.

1. Click Add Tasklist (if you are in your project’s Tasklists tab) or the  icon (if you are creating from the Tasklisks page).

2. In the popup modal, add a name and a description, then click Create. The created tasklist will be displayed under the Tasklists section on the left pane.

Create Tasklists

Editing a Tasklist

Only tasklists you created have the edit option. Click the ellipsis beside the title of your tasklist to see the following options.

  • Edit - Lets you change the title and the description of your tasklist.
  • Delete - Permanently remove the tasklist from your list. A confirmation modal will appear before you can proceed with the deletion of the tasklist.
  • Remove from Project / Report from Group - These options are only available in tasklists you shared to a project or to a group. Tasklists removed from a project/group can be added back.

editing tasklist

You can also share your tasklist to other projects in your account, to groups, and to other users as soon as you create one, or start adding tasks first.

Adding Tasks

After creating a tasklist, you can start adding specific tasks under it.

     1. Start with the Create your first task button. 

     2. Indicate the name of the task, assignee, due date, and description.

Managing Tasks

     1. To view and edit the details of a task, click the  icon beside it.

     2. You can also delete a task that you created by hovering on it and clicking the X icon across it.

     3. Click   Add Task to add another task on your list.

     4. As your task progresses, you can change their status to To-do, In progress and Done by drag and       drop. 

adding tasks

Freelancers, you can find out how you can make the best out of using the Tasklists feature in this community article.

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