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Using the Desktop App

Freelancer Desktop App leaves the guesswork out of collaborating with your client by tracking your hourly project, documenting hours you worked, and generating your payments. It’s quite intuitive in itself, but let us help you get started with a few handy tips.


Sign In

Launch the Freelancer Desktop App by clicking it from your list of installed programs or through the created desktop shortcut and sign in using your account login details. Tick the “Automatic Login” box if you want to be logged in automatically when you open the app next time.



Freelancer Desktop App Dashboard

When you open the Freelancer Desktop App, the following tabs will be available on the dashboard:
  • Overview  

  • Messages

  • Shared Files

  • Invoices


From here, you can instantly view your hourly projects list with their tracked hours to date and active invoice. The payment details for a project are also listed, which are the start date, hourly rate, and weekly limit of your project. Lastly, an invoice reminder is shown at the bottom of your dashboard.



This tab allows you to message your client for the selected project, attach files using the paperclip icon, and download files sent by your client.


Shared Files

This displays all the files you and your client have uploaded on the app. You can find them more easily here instead of browsing through the message thread.



This displays all the project's invoices. You can view them individually and check their payment status.



Tracking Work Hours

To start tracking the hours of your work, click the play button at the upper right part of your dashboard page. You can pause any time when you leave your work for a while.


As an option, you can manually take screenshots of your work by clicking the camera icon.

Screenshots are randomly taken by the app and saved on the project’s page. A popup about the screenshot taken will appear at the lower right side of your monitor asking you if you want to keep the screenshot or not. If you discard it, there will be deduction in the time that can be invoiced.


You can also add notes for the hour that you are working on by clicking the pin icon.


Offline Tracking

Offline tracking enables you to track your work hours when your Internet connection becomes unstable. If you lose connection while tracking your work hours, the Freelancer Desktop App will still save random screenshots as proof of your work and upload them once you are back online.



You will receive notifications from the app for new messages, awarded projects, created/released Milestones, and issued invoices.



If you have a long list of active projects, you can easily search among them via the Search bar.



This displays the lists of errors that you may encounter in the app.

If you keep encountering an error and need assistance, simply click Collect System Information. This will produce a zip file which includes error logs that we can use when investigating your issue. Please email us with this zip file attached.


Sound and Screenshot Notifications

This allows for optimization of notifications according to your preference. You can choose to enable or disable pop-up notifications and sounds.


Check out the new Overview tab, sidebar and header menu, plus the updates on sound and screenshot notifications. Read more

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