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$20 USD / jam
lagos, nigeria
$20 USD / jam
Sekarang jam 7:18 PG di sini
Menyertai Februari 21, 2024
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Adedoyin O.


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$20 USD / jam
lagos, nigeria
$20 USD / jam
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My name is Adedoyin an expert in Customer Service, Email marketing and Copywriting. I am a dedicated and results-driven email copywriter and a passionate customer support professional always eager to help clients solve their problems and also have the passion for creating compelling and engaging content. Proven track record of driving open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates through strategic and persuasive email campaigns. A creative thinker with a keen understanding of audience psychology and a knack for crafting messages that resonate. I bring a wealth of experience to help businesses establish meaningful connections and boost their sales Some of my key skills are: Copywriting: Mastery in crafting persuasive, concise, and action-oriented email copy. Customer Support : My unique professional experience stems from years of building genuine relationships with customers, providing excellent customer support, creative problem solving, building customer loyalty, ensuring a positive customer experience Audience Analysis: Deep understanding of target audiences to tailor messages effectively. A/B Testing: Proficient in testing and optimizing subject lines, copy, and calls-to-action. Strategic Planning: Develops comprehensive email marketing strategies aligned with business goals. Adaptability: Quickly adapts to brand voice, tone, and style to maintain consistency. Analytics: Utilizes data-driven insights to refine and improve email marketing performance. CRM Tools: Experienced with various email marketing platforms (e.g., Mailchimp, HubSpot). Why Me? Client Centric Approach: I always put my clients at the heart of everything I do making sure their needs and objectives are of top most priority. Strategic Cold Email Campaigns: I excel in creating tailored Cold Email campaigns that not only grab attention but also initiate meaningful conversations, ultimately driving sales. Proven Track Record: With a track record of delivering high-converting copy and building a robust cold outreach system, I've helped numerous B2B and B2C clients elevate their outreach strategies and achieve remarkable results. Proactiveness : I am always one step ahead anticipating my clients desires and dreams and providing lasting solutions before they even ask. Empathy and Connection : One of my super power is Empathy as I strive to understand my clients dreams and challenges, responding with genuine care and support. Continuous Growth : I am committed to continuous improvement. learning from each project to refine my skills and deliver even better client experience Client Fist Mindset : My clients success are the driving force behind every decision and action. Collaboration : I collaborate closely with my clients , understand their vision and objectives and working together to achieve remarkable results

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Email marketing and copywriting

Adedoyinsola Enterprse
Jan 2022 - Hari ini
The role involves creating strategic email marketing campaigns for business products, special offers, events, and brand initiatives. The role involves writing persuasive copy, collaborating with the marketing team, segmenting email lists, conducting A/B testing, monitoring campaign metrics, and staying updated with industry best practices and technologies to enhance campaign effectiveness.


Nov 2021 - Mac 2023 (1 tahun, 4 bulan)
The role involves handling customer issues, maintaining accurate records, managing emails, and ensuring compliance with business rules and regulations. It involves developing service procedures, maintaining orderly work flow, troubleshooting errors, and controlling resources to achieve qualitative and quantitative targets.

Telesales Analyst

Mei 2020 - Nov 2021 (1 tahun, 6 bulan)
The job involves contacting customers, recording purchase orders, managing accounts, answering questions, handling complaints, meeting sales quotas, and ensuring daily, weekly, and monthly targets are met or exceeded in terms of call volume and sales.



Nigeria 2009 - 2013
(4 tahun)

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