Generic Demo Reel from March 2012

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This is a generic demo reel I did for a client. For more categories of samples, please check out my profile page at The Voice Realm: Many thanks.

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Tentang Saya

I'm a male British voice actor with a rich, deep voice, perfect for audio books and advertisments. Previously I have done the lead voice for a character in a puzzle game (PANG: Magical Michael), the announcer in a racing title (Ragged Edge), done the narrative for a trailer (Ragged Edge) and also feature in a monthly podcast for I'm very flexible when it comes to trying new styles and recently had to do a voice tag for a new service called Beats Craze that literally involved saying those two words alone in the required tone. Please feel free to contact me with any particular requirements you may have. Thank you for reading.

$60 USD/jam