First Ballad

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First Ballad

Pastel on Parchment - the first Ballad foretells a story through movement. It's nonverbal in nature, meaning it is not related to any known human culture. This is the first song of movement.

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Tentang Saya

What is the connection between Transpersonal Psychology and Art? During my second year I concentrated in Creativity and Innovation. Still can't make the connection? How many people do you know study the process of creativity? It's not just the tools to take into consideration; the state of mind and being is key to understanding creativity and innovation. After completing my degree in Transpersonal Psychology, with a concentration in Creativity and Innovation, and engaging life in Asia, I have come to realize that movement is more than just physical action. Movement begins as a force of energy; it is embodied through thoughts, sensations, images, and physical movement in a variety of ways. Integrating my realization, dance background, and creative nature, I've developed a movement practice which honors the 'organic personal experience'. It's the universal process of creation that considers the transcendental nature of being; it encourages the authentic freedom of expression, supporting the process of shedding inhibitions, casting off anxieties, dance, create, and be as I was born to, expressing my place in the universe, reclaiming my inner wisdom and power. I am committed to self-awareness and creativity, the quest of awe and engagement. My art IS my Way. By allowing myself to be guided by my creative process, there has been a shift in my relationship to the arts and how I exist as a human being - being guided by ones creative process, without censorship and without judgement. My dance background includes training in Ballet, Tribal Group Improv/American Tribal Bellydance, Raqs Sharqi, and Salsa; intensive self-study of Authentic Movement; I have also been further influenced by the passionate movements of Argentine Tango, Flamenco, and the creative potential of Modern Dance. My training in the visual arts have been influenced by my need and desire to be authentically creative - self-taught all the way.

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