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Whenever we send data we need to know that what arrives on the other end is identical to what we sent. Similarly, whenever we store data on disk or tape, we need assurance when we retrieve it that it hasn't been altered. Accurate data is absolutely essential for computations, record keeping, transaction processing and online commerce. Unfortunately, storing and transmitting data is prone to errors - any time while the data being transferred from one place to another can become corrupted in passage. Many factors can alter or wipe out one or more bits of a given data unit, i.e., it could be Single bit Error or Burst Error. In a Single bit Error only one bit of a given data unit is changed from 0 to1 or vice versa. A single bit error can be happened if we are sending data using parallel transmission, i.e., if 8 wires are used to send all 8 bits of 1 byte at the same time and one of whose is noisy, one bit can corrupted in each byte. Example: parallel transmission inside CPU and m

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