Arrow and Bow for Android

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Arrow and Bow for Android

The Arrow and bow games is very interesting games on android. The Objective of this game is to destroy object using arrow.The Archer can be dragged by touching on her body and to through an arrow just remove the finger. There are mainly two types of Object. One is balloon and other is enemy. If the Archer touch with the enemy then she will be vanished and game will be over. There is some butterfly inside the balloon when you destroy the balloon those butterfly will be released. You must be careful to using arrow because in some level only last arrow can destroy the object. So there is no way to cheat. In the three level you just need to destroy balloon. The serious object will come. There will be some limit of arrow and time when the level is increased. In every level there is some opportunities to make some bonus score. It's depends on the number of arrow and time you have taken to complete the level.

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