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EMillionForum MyBB Forum Theme

One of my main objectives in this theme was to use as much CSS in place of images to increase the webpage loading time. So using CSS3 I was able to create colour gradients that did exactly the same as the images but better. I was able to incorporate the CSS in multiple places around the forum and almost anywhere you see a gradient, CSS is used. I cut down the ribbon on the owners logo because I could use CSS to repeat a small image to create the same effect saving loading time yet again. After creating the main theme, a Sidebar was added. This was a rather simple addition but it proves really makes the forum look elegant and unique. The owner had these comments after completing the work. "Bleepy is a great guy, he went above and beyond when creating the theme for my forum. Working with him was a pleasure he listened to all the ideas I had and incorporated them. If you want an outstanding design then Bleepy is the guy for you.I will definetely be coming back for more! T

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Im Oliver, a student studying Software Engineering in Manchester, England. I in Affordable and Professional Web Developerment and Forum Theme creation.

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