Wanderlust Seasons Book 2 - Autumn of Fates

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The Causes were disbanding, the Zealots were on the move and the Fifteen, with help from the Deserters, were gaining ground fast. The outlook for the Revolution that had been rocking Eden was looking more grim with each passing day. Kay and her friends, however, were having problems of their own. With the return of Mika and the capture of Brigg, a whole new array of mysteries concerning the Fifteen and the Revolution had arisen. After the group discovered that the Fifteen were also searching for Mika's father, Mika revealed to Kay and the others a secret about him that she had been hiding in order to keep him safe: his true identity. As Kay continued to help and comfort Mika, she also found herself struggling with nightmares and flashbacks of her own dark past. But as she thought back through the days of the Revolution, she soon realized that the help she sought to conquer her past was closer to her than ever before...

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I'm a 35-year-old author and publisher from Voorhees, New Jersey. I have written and published two novels: "Vagrant Summer" and "Autumn of Fates". I am very meticulous about spelling, grammar, and the structures of sentences. When it comes to writing, I enjoy creating worlds and characters only slightly more than creating the story itself. I feel that creating the setting is the most important step in writing fiction because if you have a strong setting, every other aspect of the story is enhanced. I say with confidence that I will work hard for you and what I produce will exceed your expected satisfaction. Thank you!

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