Poster Design - Burricada

oleh canilho
Poster Design - Burricada

Burricada is a traditional Donkey parade, yes donkey, with their owners and the donkey's cars beautifully arranged with the first Primeval flowers of the Portuguese mountains.

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In 1999, with just 11 years old, I got my first certification on office tools, and then I've pursued a computer science career. Been programming professionally for the last 10 years and done all types of office-related tasks. I am self-taught on most of my skills and love to be challenged. Some companies that I've worked with: HP, BNP Paribas, Alpha Networks, Altran. Professional Office tasks: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, Acess Programming: Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Zend , Dojo, ExtJs, JQuery. Database technologies: Postgres SQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase ASE, Network: SSH, Telnet. Remote: Citrix, Chrome Remote, LogMeIn, Team Viewer. Art: Inkscape, Gimp 3D animation: Blender Music production: LMMS

$20 USD/jam