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This is a Unity 3D project turned around in under 12 months and with a less than smooth project kickoff process. Design for this was produced and finalised in a few short weeks written entirely by myself while also managing the devleopment teams both 3rd party and inhouse. As well as the core design I developed the publishing strategy, micro transaction strategy, KPI modeling etc.

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Visionary, Strategic IP creator, comprehensively understand MMO free to play, fremium and pay to play models, ability to design product based on genre, target audience, distribution strategy, budget and/or timescales or a combination of any of the prior, large or small. Game genre mechanics, monetisation: ARPU, ARPPU and LTV modelling. Manipulation of player motivations, mobile, social, casual, console and PC gaming. Statistical interpretation and building strategies based on KPI's, strategic team assembly, building and production, migration and integration of new technologies. Able to predict trends and indentify opportunities, able to produce complex theory and break it down to individual deliverables while articulating complexities or challenges to non technical audience. Design of backend systems such as CRM and CMS. Brand integrations and promotion. Project management, Agile, Scrum. Management and direction of multiple disparate development teams. Aid with strategic planning of Marketing, Affiliate management, Digital Distribution, licensing and Brand development. QA, global IT Infrastructure and support systems. Network design and security.

$30 USD/jam