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"As I lie there in my bed with those visions of what I have seen over and over in my dreams, it shakes me from sleep. The names, the faces, the details...they were so vivid and...familiar. It's as if I was there or had been there before. She was calling my name from the shadows. Just beckoning me into a surreal world of utter fear and danger. But, the more and more I fought the temptation, the more I had the urge to give in. I had a longing of that unfamiliar but somehow familiar voice. The voice of beauty. The voice of an angel. I have never seen her face until now. I know that this may sound like I am crazy or am living in a fantasy world, but wow. That was yesterday, well late last night. It had to be because the moon was full and it was a clear sky. Tonight, my story begins and the questions you have burning in the recesses of your mind will be answered."

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I am the owner of a bookstore and am also a published author as well. I am here looking for some freelance work. I hope that we can do business.

$9 USD/jam