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Name: Shahriyar M Jahangir My Portfolio: [login to view URL] Hello and Welcome to my profile :). Actually you just need to read the following few lines to know what you want to know. ------------------------- * All my bids are serious, I do not bid randomly, ever. * I check the projects closely before actually bidding on it. In many cases I built demo even before being awarded the project. * I work alone and communicate directly with my clients. * I focus on only a few tasks a time because I believe, Maximum Focus = Great Results. * I am direct and speak to the point, If I can do something I tell you I can, If not, I will tell that as well. * I usually bid more time, however in 99% of the cases I actually delivered earlier. * I am also an employer on various sites, so I understand the hurry and necessity of my clients. * I am an honest and friendly person. :) ------------------------- I am a professional web developer with adequate skills on PHP and other related programming languages. More than a profession it's my hobby to develop websites and explore new technologies. Apart from PHP, I have worked on many different languages, and the interesting thing is I loved them all in one way or another. An overview of my skills is given below. **** Expertise: Web programming: PHP, Smarty, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, WML, WCSS Desktop programming: Java, some C# (C Sharp) Other programming: Shell Scripting (Linux and Windows) Database: MySQL, MSSQL, SQl Lite, Postgre SQL Operating System: Windows XP/2003 Server, Linux Redhat Enterprise 5, CentOS, Fedora, dsl (damn small linux), Windows/Linux based live CDs **** Work Interests: I am interested in building complete websites, editing scripts to extend functionality, develop new modules for websites and almost any kind of PHP script (see skill details below). Editing and understanding existing scripts is one of my specialties, and that allows me to change/edit existing scripts/sites to add or remove functionalities in a minimum time. Freelancing interests me most I am very selective with my work. A lot depend on my interaction with the clients. I am also very much interested in outsourcing work, especially from UK and US. As for bigger projects I have programmers who will assist me to complete the project sooner and you need only to communicate with me. The management of the programming team is my responsibility. I am sure we will have a pleasant experience working together. See "Skill Details" below to know what I can do for you. **** Skill Details: It's been around 5 years since I started working with PHP and my skills have developed much further since then. >>>> Developing Complete Websites (Dynamic/Static) I am able to develop complete PHP websites according to client's requirements. The "complete website" refers to the front end (which your visitors see), the back end (custom admin panel with related tools) and the design. Though I am not a designer I can do simple designs for you. I can also develop websites with Joomla, Wordpress if required by the client. The website development can involve coding in PHP, Smarty, HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, WML (for mobile website), WCSS and Ajax. My development procedure includes the following phases (simplified): 1. Talking with the client to understand his/her requirements. This step goes on until I have understood what the client "exactly" wants. I also give my advice for adding new features (which may enhance the site) or removal of an unnecessary feature depending on the client's requirements. In the end I focus on what the client wants. I am aware that there are many unhappy clients (taking service from other companies/programmer) who do not get their job done exactly as they wanted it to be. In many cases they got something close to what they wanted but that's maybe 80% of what he/she wanted. I try my best to reach the goals as the client wanted them to be. 2. I perform detail analysis based on the client's requirements and confirm the requirements with the client. Once the client is satisfied with the analysis and costing I proceed to the next phase which is coding. 3. This is the development stage where I do the coding/design i.e. build the website/application. In this stage I take both security and efficiency into concern. You will be surprised how many insecure websites are out there being hacked. Though there is nothing called 100% hack proof, but there is a lot that can be done to make it more secure. I do have this issue in mind, and develop your site accordingly. Efficiency is another matter that I take into concern while coding. Server resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space etc.) are not infinite, so I do make sure that the script/website doesn't use more than it should use. Also I add plenty of comments in the code so that in future if another programmer wants to develop it further, the comments will make it easier for him to develop. During the coding stage, extensive testing is done to make sure the script is working properly. After the coding is complete, I will host the site on my own server and allow the client to test to see if it fulfilled the requirements. Reported problems and bugs will be fixed if they are found. 4. The project is delivered to the client or I can also deploy the website on the client's desired hosting server if he/she wishes. >>>> Script editing / Extending functionality A lot of clients require adding new functionality to their website or changing some features. I can help you with that as well. This can be a pure PHP based website, a commercial script, forum, blog script like Wordpress or a CMS like Joomla etc. The changes can be anything like changing the header, adding newslfash to the home page, integrating an Advertisement system, adding new admin tools, adding new reports, building a new section for your website or even removing some features from the site etc. etc. Specifically for Joomla websites I can develop new templates, modules, plugins and components whichever you require. >>>> Customized PHP Scripts Apart from building and editing dynamic websites, I can also develop customized scripts according to your needs. This does not necessarily need to be a website script, rather it can be a script like : 1. Command Line script (PHP CLI) for creating backups. 2. PHP script for connecting and downloading files from a FTP server. 3. PHP Script for generating monthly newsletter in PDF format. 4. A website crawling script (cURL based) for collecting data. 5. A script for generating image and flash (swf) graphs. 6. A cross-paltform desktop application using PHP-GTK. The possibility is limitless...

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