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The program is tied to the interaction with the services that were provided by SHTURMANN. The functional program: definition of a user's location determine the next "points of interest" of the user, such as bars, restaurants, schools, gas stations, etc. mapping of points of interest on the map with a description of each display information about each point (address, picture, couples rating, reviews, comments) Rating and nomination komentirovanie selected point, comments can be duplicated on facebook, twitter, vkontakte setting in the settings of duplicate comments on facebook, twitter, vkontakte (login to social networking) Materialization(The project used): Customer was given a library of C + + library for use has been used JNI (Java Native Interface). Communication with the server is by passing serialized data via TCP - IP. Client: Android SDK 2.1 - 4.0 Android NDK 6;

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Java(J2SE/J2EE) / Android / iOS developer with 5 years of experience creating web-based applications and applications for mobiledevices. Good knowledge of the most common technology for these platforms: J2EE, Web Service, EJB, Struts (1/2), Facelets (1.2 / 2), Spring, Hibernate, pure JavaScript and freymvorki like JQuery. I have experience of working with Google App Engine. Android (1.6 - 4.0 SDK, NDK - JNI), the initial development of a knowledge iOS. I have little experience of working with game-framework AndEngine for Android. Databases have worked with: SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL. Experience designing and developing large-scale distributed systems, as well as experience in managing a small team (up to 5 people)

$20 USD/jam