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Innovative solutions - thinking \'Outside the Square\'.\n\nC#.NET, Visual C++, VB6/.NET, Winforms multithreaded applications\n\nC\\C++ Embedded for Arm, Arduino, Microchip PIC, Atmel, Motorla 68HCXX,68K\n.NET Micro Framework (WinCE Netduino, FEZ Cobra)\n.NET Compact Framework WIN CE touch screen, GPRS, 3G, GPS tracking\n\nDefence Projects, Submersibles, Industrial Automation, Embedded Systems, Unique Challenges. Windows Applications involving peripheral control, Electrical Engineering design, Electronic design, real-time systems, \n\nUpgrade/port old DOS systems to Windows or current technology platforms. \n\nNo job too small. \n\nHighlight: \nWorking for James Cameron to build the Sphere internal Control Systems (Cockpit) that allowed him to reach the bottom of the Mariana\'s Trench 10,994 Meters below sea level. (http://deepseachallenge.com/)

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Tentang Saya

[*] Custom Windows Software development (no job too small) [*] Prototyping embedded Microcontrollers (with touch screen) [*] Control Systems Integration specialist for James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible to Mariana's Trench. (Aust. Design Award 2012) [*] CSIRO Startup, PC + LabVIEW control systems development involving Networked PC's for controlling industrial grade battery charge/discharge profiles [*] Legacy Software \ Code Support and product enhancement [*] Peripheral interfacing OPC, TCP/IP, UDP, RS485, Serial, USB, Wireless, 128 Bit Encryption [*] Database , XML, CSV specialist [*] MS-WORD Automation for reports with action panes [*] Cost Estimation & Engineering Seismic analysis & structural integrity tool enhancement for DEXION [*] Wormald Technology (Tyco):ASM \ C \ C++ Embedded Realtime distributed control systems modification for [a] RAN HUON Class Mine Hunters (Royal Australian Navy/Thales) [b] RAN COLLINS Class Submarines (Royal Australian Navy/ASC) [*] Thales Training & Simulation: AP-3C Orion Tactical Flight training simulation for RAAF. Responsible for customization and development of 6 x (VB6 + VC++ + OpenGL) applications with GIS.

$90 USD/jam