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American Medical Logistics

The AML is developed under my supervision and I managed this whole System. Atlas DS, American Medical Logistics has pioneered technology to securely store proprietary information, merge the information with applications for purposes of Licensing, Credentialing, Insurance & Medicaid/Medicare enrollment, and DEA registration, and have the information & processes available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BLANK Under the parent company of American Medical Logistics, Physician Licensing Service will continue to operate as a full service licensing company accessing the powerful data systems & features offered through Atlas DS. The system is almost complete and will be launched in may 2012.

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Tentang Saya

Working in the field of Cloud Computing and Web Services from last three years. I specially worked on Amazon Web Services (AWS). I designed architecture of hosted solution to deploy desktop and web based MTBC-EHR to client by using the concept of Cloud Computing for one of fastest growing company of USA ([login to view URL]). I Successfully done research, implementation and deployed different Software by working in in the field of cloud computing. 1. Successfully deployed Desktop Applications in Cloud Based hosted Environment for our Remote Clients in USA. 2. Successfully deployed Web Based application in the Cloud by using the Amazon Web Services. 3. Designed Multi Server More Secure and optimized Architecture for deployment of our Applications to different hospital (Practices) of USA. 4. Implemented fully automated snapshot, AMI, Auto Scaling, Cloud Watch Alarms creation and Virtual Cloud Network. 5. Designed and implemented fail-over backup setup for Cloud Server to other Region of Amazon AWS which is fully synchronized with the original Servers. 5. Worked on Auto scaling to minimize the costs and maximize the cloud resource utilization. 6. Provide expert technical architectural support and guidance for Cloud Based(Hosted) MTBC-EHR opportunities, including integration into existing management and monitoring systems for MTBC ([login to view URL]). 7. Primary Responsible for MTBC Cloud Servers maintenance, deployment of software to new clients.

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