WiFi Controlled Outlet

oleh goseese

This is a custom PCB that allows for the remote control and monitoring of 2 electrical outlets. The PCB is inserted into a custom enclosure and powered by the outlet that it\'s plugged into. A RESTful web interface over WiFi allows other devices in the home to monitor the current draw of each of the 2 outlets on the PCB as well as turn the outlets on/off.

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Tentang Saya

I have 13+ years of electrical engineering experience. I have designed custom devices that use both AVR and ARM micro controllers. I have experience will all kinds of industrial sensors and power sources. I have learned that the custom PCB and firmware is only a small portion of the success of a remote monitoring project. A web enabled remote interface to the device transforms it from a passive headless unit to a data mining tool for process control and monitoring. The ability to view real time sensor data and set limits on that data give it the ability to not only send alerts when limits are exceeded but also predict and prevent failures by identifying trends. Historical data can be viewed to gain insight into how a process really runs. Comparing historical and current data be used to confirm when a problem has been resolved by the return of current data to historical trends. Data can be compiled into meaningful charts and archived or sent to a distribution list.

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